The solar eclips of August 11, 1999 in the Netherlands (97%)

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Location: Muiderslot, Muiden, the Netherlands.
A mediaeval castle, established in 1280 by count Floris V. In the 17th century home of the literary group 'Muiderkring' of P.C. Hooft, the Tesselschade sisters, R. Visser, C. Huygens, v. Baerle, Vossius and others.

Equipment used for the solar pictures: Olympus OM-4 with Databack 4, Sigma 600mm/F8 mirror lens, Olympus 2xA teleconverter, Baader AstroSolar filter (factor 100.000x). Red filter used for the 12:47 picture. Additional Panagor 2x teleconverter used for the pictures at 1:13 pm (wooha - a 2400mm lens...). All pictures cropped for the solar image, data imprint moved to the cropped lower right corner (retaining actual size). After cropping all pictures where resized to identical heights. Kodak Elitechrome 100. Shutter speed used for most pictures: 1/250 sec.

Equipment used for environment pictures: Olympus OM-4Ti, Zuiko 21mm/F3.5, Zuiko 40mm/F2. Filters: circular polarizer, variable star, Cokin diffractor. Kodak Elitechrome 100.