Holland Sand Sculpture 1999

The Holland Sand Sculpture, July 1999, Muiderstrand, Almere, the Netherlands.
This first edition of what will be a yearly event used the ancient Greek saga of the Odyssee (Homerus) as a theme. Its title was 'A meeting with the Greek Gods'. The height of Mount Olympus (first picture) put this project in the Guinness Book Of   Records as Europe's highest sand sculture (17 m). As you can see, the exhibition offered lots of  interesting photo opportunities, with models that were extremely patient ;) and 'modelling lights' that constantly changed, worthwile to come back at different times. 
Related links of this event: The Making Of, the Dutch site of the organizer, Inaxi Holland, contains lots of pictures showing the process of making such huge sand sculptures. On their site you'll also find a Press Release in Dutch.

Equipment: Olympus OM-3 & OM-4Ti, Tokina 17mm/F3.5, Zuiko 21mm/F3.5, Zuiko 28mm/F2, Zuiko 50-250mm/F5. Films: Kodak PJ800, Fuji Superia 400, Ilford FP4 Plus (125 ASA), Ilford HP5 Plus (400 ASA). B&W filters: Y2, Orange.